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In this brief text, I explain why I can guess what people want, what security means to them, how to listen and communicate effectively, and what defines humanity.

Konstantin Nikkari, media/video producer and psychology student, 190cm athlete (sprint running and calisthenics).

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I speak fluently English, Russian and Finnish.

My goal is to better understand myself and learn psychology. I aspire to be a psychologist by 2029. However, before getting there I’d prefer to work as a video producer. I’m skilled in the field.

I have experienced quite a lot and travelled around the world. What I call me is made of two talented artists. My heritage is a blend of Finnish/Russian, and today I like to call myself European. The school education that I have is Finnish and I’m a University of Lapland graduate in Bachelor of Design. These studies helped me to understand what people like to use.

After finishing my education, I worked as a security guard and studied some time at the Finnish National Police Academy. And, like most typical Finns I completed one year of army training. Eighteen years later I travelled to Ukraine where I interviewed soldiers and civilians. In the midst of destitution I produced video journalism. This video of a cruise missile survivor is a good representation of my work. Please pay attention to the video cuts, sounds, and music that maintain the grim atmosphere. These research and experiences helped me better grasp what security means for people.

Prior to my heartbreaking experience in Ukraine, but after my crisis of turning thirty, I worked as a professional model, actor and studied under the education of Sanford Meisner alumnus. I’ve appeared in commercials, television programmes, and feature films. You can read more about my work on my Actor and model page. Please keep in mind, especially if you are doing recruiting, that following that link will not help you reduce unconscious bias. These studies taught me how to express myself and listen well.

The COVID-19 affected my actor career negatively, therefore I went to work behind the camera. I’ve interviewed a variety of interesting people, including a dominatrix, global corporate leaders, freedom fighters, ice hole swimmers, NATO soldiers, mothers, fathers, hunters, and popular politicians and public figures. You may see my video work at, and if you only have time to see one trailer, then this is a well-shot short about a Georgian knife blacksmith. Please pay attention to colour management and camera angles. These experiences have led me to understand humanity on a general level.

My experience as a video creator, together with everything that came before it, has made me want to study psychology. Now I look for work that allows me to interact with people rather than staring at a screen.

Five additional important projects I’ve been involved in making include:

  1. Officer Eric Hale, a narcotics enforcement officer, is struggling with his addiction to drugs
  2. Ice hole swimmer who do not require sauna or protection from piercing wind
  3. A short film about a man’s bad luck with ladies. I acted, produced, directed and edited this movie:
  4. A Finnish freestyle rap programme where I was in charge of the visuals and design. Also, in which I presented poetry
  5. Cooking programme to promote local food. Each episode included a special supper prepared with items harvested or hunted nearby, like this deer hunting episode.

You will find more about me and my work on

I thank you for sharing my post: